Lesson Plans and Worksheets

Here are some of the lesson plans and worksheets we have made. They might help give you inspiration.

Where possible with all the work we do, we try┬áto present the information in new fun and informative ways whether it’s from a book, website or somewhere else. We use pictures for a visual reference as much as we can and have found google to be invaluable. When using google though you do need to be careful that the information, picture or anything from there is accurate. For example, I was looking for a picture of a map of the Middle East but found that the countries in the area differed on from the other. To resolve this problem, I got a list of the countries that the geography book I take most of the work from said were in the Middle East, and then searched for a picture that matched what I wanted. It doesn’t take long, but taking those few extra minutes can make all the difference. Especially if you want you child to be able to do their exams and/or go on to further education later.

We use a combination of books, websites, games, pictures, PowerPoint presentations, newspaper articles, videos and anything else we can get our hands on to aid us in teaching. We have found that not only is Caelum enjoying this more, we are too!! I can honestly say I’ve learnt a lot since starting this and feel like sometimes I’ve gone back to school myself.

An important thing to remember though when teaching any lesson in any way is to be enthusiastic about the subject. If your bored, remember so are they!!

Have a look through and feel free to use for yourselves anything we have suggested if you want to or just gain inspiration from it.