Trips and Activities

September-October 2015: Trip to LA and Grand Canyon 

One of the big advantages of home schooling is not being tied to school holidays as the only time to go away. We took full advantage of this and went to America for 3 weeks just after the new school year started. It was the perfect time to go as the weather was still good but it was a bit quieter all round.

We did some work with the boys before on some of the things we going to go see, for example the Grand Canyon. We did this in the hopes the boys would be able to take in a little bit more and remember some of the details. This worked well and Tobi in particular really benefitted from this.

We gave the boys, Caelum more than Tobi the responsibility of packing their own bags and making sure they each had the toys they wanted to bring. I helped them by making a packing list with each of them. We also took them shopping as they needed more clothes for the warmer weather in California. When they had everything ready I checked it all then helped them to pack it. They did really well and were very good over the toys that they could take.

We did all sorts of things while we were there. We went to Universal Studios on one of the first days. We got season passes so we could go back as many times as we liked, which we did about 4 or 5 times. On the first day there we went to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was awesome and the boys enjoyed taking lots of photos.

When we left the hotel we were staying at, which was on Sunset Boulevard, the first thing we saw was the Hollywood Sign. The boys got really excited about this.

We did something everyday that we were there. We went to Santa Monica Pier and saw the Route 66 sign and Caelum really liked that. We went in the sea and couldn’t believe how warm the water was. We went to the LA zoo and really enjoyed seeing all the animals there.

Both of the boys are into Palaeontology, Caelum wants to be a Palaeontologist, so we went to see La Brea Tar Pits. This was really good. We did all the tours we could and the boys asked loads of questions. They both enjoyed seeing all the fossils. The boys got loads of stuff from the gift shop.

We went to both the waxwork museums and enjoyed that. The boys got wax moulds of their hands done. It was interesting getting them home without damaging them :-).

We went on the Famous Peoples Houses tour. The boys enjoyed this and took loads of photos although Tobi unfortunately got car sick.

On the website it said that you could do tours of the Disney Studios but when we got there they said they don’t do tours so we went back to Universal Studios. We did want to go and tour some of the other studios but they were all age restricted and the boys wouldn’t have been able to go.

The day we went to the Grand Canyon was the longest by far. We got up about 3 in the morning and got the plane to Las Vegas. We were then picked up and taken to Boulder City where we got a small 20 seater plane to the Grand Canyon. A helicopter took us from there down into the basin where we took a boat ride along the Colorado River. Then the helicopter took us back and we got a bus to a viewing site where we took more photos and the boys had something to eat. Then it was back on the Small plane to Boulder City then back to Vegas where we caught a plane back to LA. All in one day. It was exhausting but so amazing to see. When we were in the small plane we flew over the Hoover Damn and saw lots of the desert, which for us born and bred in the UK, was really cool to see.

Every day the boys did a video diary of everything we did and saw.

We went to Disneyland Parks which was cool. We all agreed though that while it was cool it had nothing on Universal Studios.

It was a long and busy 3 weeks but well worth it.