So far we have got off to a cracking start.

Tobi is in school and does Spanish with a tutor after school. He also goes to Gymnastics classes and Beavers same as usual. He has just started cross country and hockey after school clubs as well. He is really enjoying it all and is adjusting to the new routine well.

Caelum is still being home schooled and going to the tutors.

He goes to A Stars the tutors for English, Maths and the Sciences for 4 hours on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. He does the other lessons in the mornings and all day on Thursdays and Fridays. It seems to be working well so far.

Caelum has had bad days and good with the work but I think of this is because he is still adjusting to going back to the school routine as opposed to the holiday routine. Over all though he is getting there.

We have started doing more intensive Geography lessons with him to get him moving forward. We are also concentrating more on modern history now rather than ancient history to try to get him ready for GCSE’s. With the new routine we now have more time to prepare for his lessons and this has been very beneficial. We have done PowerPoint presentations, timelines, colouring and cutting and sticking as well as the written work. He is enjoying the new way we have been able to present his work and so far seems to be taking it all in.

One of the things we are teaching him is not only how to put information into his brain but also how to retrieve it when he needs to. We will keep you updated on what we have found to be successful in this regard as I know its something that will be greatly beneficial to all. Not to say that works with Caelum will work with everyone but it might help.