Febuary through to June

So I haven’t updated in a long time. Oops!!! Sorry.

It’s been that long since I’ve done this that I don’t really know what to write but I am still going to give it a try.

Here I go …

We have been quite busy and have done some more travelling again. We went to Los Angeles for 2 weeks. While there we spent most of our time at Universal Studios. We all love going there so much so all had really great fun. The kids and Bonnie loved the Harry Potter land there especially. We all can’t wait till we can go again.

It wasn’t really a educational trip though necessarily, although parts of it were. It was more a fun trip away as it had been about a year and a half since they had gone on holiday.

As far as the school work goes, it has gone quite well, mostly. Tobi is still going to school at the moment, and Caelum is still being home schooled. Caelum goes to a tutors for Maths, English and Science still and is doing well. We teach the rest at home. We still can not find a ICT tutor though.

Me (Emma) and Kate do most of teaching at home. Kate focusing mainly on history and me focusing mainly on Geography and PSHE. We incorporate the rest into this so he has a broad education of all the subjects.

Kate has been doing the World Wars mainly in history as she is trying to get him ready for his GCSE’s. She doesn’t follow a book as such instead preferring to do her own research and come up with the lesson plans herself. She uses videos, books and the internet to help her and she has been able to tailor all the lessons to suit Caelum’s needs and as a result Caelum is doing really well.

I do my lessons partly from a book and partly from my own research. I have found it beneficial in Geography to use a KS3 book to help plan the lessons from. I do add in added research and expand as and when I can to bring him to GCSE standard but we have found that actually there isn’t really much difference between KS3 and GCSE Geography. I take the lesson from the book then do added research on the subject, then I come up with a way of presenting that lesson that will interest Caelum and make up worksheets and the like for him.

Recently I have just started doing PSHE and Citizenship Studies with him. We have done bits and bobs of this in the past but have done it conjunction with another lesson. I am dedicating time to just this subject. I have been getting material from the BBC bitesize site. We have been doing it at a GCSE level and just filling in the gaps where he was lacking on the way. I have just finished studying drugs and alcohol with him. While I will bringing this up again it will probably be in conjunction with other aspects of PSHE. We are going to look at healthy lifestyles next.

I am going to try and upload some of the worksheets and such like that me and Kate have come up with if you want to take a look. We hope that you find them helpful when you are making your own lesson plans.

Thank you