Tobi’s school timetable

Work sheets are off 

Week 1


Long vowel sounds worksheet: Long A in Train

(Tobi has done some of this before so shouldn’t find this to difficult. We’re looking at the ai sound. Tobi has to put the ai into the words concentrating on letter formation and placement. He reads the words out. Then he could colour the pictures in as best as he can. Tobi doesn’t like colouring and because it’s the first day back after a long break I didn’t force this upon him.

Tobi read a list of words containing ‘ai’,  Tobi then went around the house looking for things that has ‘ai’ in

Map work with co-ordinates and 2 other sheets like this,

Tobi read the questions with help and worked out the answers, as well as wrote them down alown

5 simple 2 digits additions

Caelum and Tobi together

Grand Canyon reading

We asked both boys where we were going and what they think it would be like. We spoke about the wonders of the world and how they came about.   We did the reading together. Making sure Tobi could see the pictures and everything.  We watched a short video on the Grand Canyon off You tube. Tobi asked questions and we answered.



Long vowel sounds worksheet: Long ‘I’ practice

We showed Tobi the words containing ‘i’ to see if he could find a common word pattern in them. Tobi read the sentences with a bit of help. He wrote the correct words in the spaces, we made sure of letter placement and formation.)

Caelum and Tobi together

Start looking at packing lists

Looked at the weather we should be expecting as well as the weather at the Grand Canyon. Looked at the itinerary and see what kind of activities we could be doing. We just did the check-in bag first. Looked at the law on what you can and can’t put in it. Look at examples of packing lists,  the boys started thinking about what they need, bearing in mind the weather and activities we are doing. Started writing their own packing lists. We point out that they only have to do it like this once as next time they will just have to adjust it as necessary.) We spoke about visas, passports, flight tickets, change money and why we have to do all this



Caelum and Tobi together

Look at packing lists again

They both went through them. Have they forgotten anything they can think of? Do they have enough clothes, underwear and such or do they need to go shopping. They both sorted their clothes and made a shopping list, also a list of what we need to look for.

Tobi had some friends coming over so we did a little on the Grand Canyon and do an experiment using sand and water, getting an idea of how the Canyon was formed



Caelum and Tobi together

Packing lists

Started looking at what toys and extras the boys want to bring. Looked at the law for carry-on bags. Started looking at what they need to include in their carry-on bags. Told them that they can get really cool carry-on bags that they can sit on and everything much cheaper in America so maybe just take an old bag each out there and get a cool bag there. Started making a list for the carry-ons.

The rest of the day was shopping, the boys were responsible for what they needed to get and be well behaved and focused throughout the day. Tobi learnt not to run in shops! He also decided rather  than spending his money on a Nurff gun he really wanted, he would save his money and wait for America as he might see something even cooler and we can’t go America as often as we can go America!

I had to pick my wheelchair up from the shop and this took much longer than expected, both boys were extremely  patient and did not loose their temper as they normally do!


We all weren’t feeling too great today so didn’t do much.

Long vowel sounds worksheet: Long ‘U’

Tobi read the words and study the pictures.  He circled the right words

We went out to get the boys hair cut and looked for sandals which we didn’t find, so we ordered some offline, lets hope they arrive in time!


Tobi’s school timetable

Week 2


Changed his bed with help, Put washing on with help, Made porridge only help with measuring the milk, Washed dishes after breakfast

 Went out with Caelum on your scooter on the park path

Long A Rhymes sounds worksheet:

All About Pirates!

Attempted making slime:

After many goes we finally got it! But don’t ask how as we tried so many different ways! The boys granddad went on a mission and he was the one who got victory!

Pirate Number Sense

Arr, it’s time to find some pirate treasure! Kids get practice with three-digit counting as they fill in the missing numbers to find the treasure chest.

 Did very well on this once explained

To be a proper pirate, every child must learn to read a map. With this basic treasure map grid, help your child identify and locate sites!

Did well on this with a bit of help


Starter and Session 1

Worksheet How much money is in each purse

2 digit addition, Shown him how to add in columns,

Found writing numbers hard,

Online Game Working with Coins

Did very well and told me what the coins were


GB Gymnastics Club




If Tobi has any more sound work sheets, do 1 of those

Long vowel worksheet: Long I rhymes

He did really well with this. He concentrated on the formation and placement and did really well.

Online game: Deep Sea Phonics (medium level)

Tobi should be able to do this, however He may need help understanding what the computer says!

he really enjoyed doing this. He did the medium and did the hard. He got on really well with this.

 River Rhyming, Rhyming Words (medium level) http:// HYPERLINK “”

He tried really hard but found this one quite difficult. He couldn’t quite do the medium without help. A few more goes and he’ll get it

Caelum and Tobi together:

45 mins,

Youtube video The Grand Canyon, Caelum make simple notes whilst watching, If Tobi wants to make notes he can do so by telling but quietly, Then talk about what the boys have learned from the video

He enjoyed this but quite bored as he didn’t really understand much of it, which is understandable. He did however get the general idea that water carved it out of the rock so that’s very good.

Other videos but fun:

4.5 mins, good video if time is short:-

Enjoyed this one. Like the fun delivery of the information but didn’t really understand much of it as it’s a lot of info in a short time. He had fun though.

Maths, Money:

Online, Year 2, N.1 Coin value:

This was ok but some the pictures weren’t very clear so he trouble reading what was on the coins.

Tobi did this but needed help reading the coins, Need to work on recognising each coin by their colours, shapes and sizes. Good idea for next time to work with real coins


After this school was over, however because this site gives prizes, Tobi wanted to keep working, which is always a good thing! So he did

And started on  less and equally likely (yr 2 p.1)

He needs to finish this

A.1 HYPERLINK “” HYPERLINK “ HYPERLINK “”2/counting-review-0-to-10″ HYPERLINK “″Counting review – 0 to 10 (100) 

Tobi completed this

A.2 HYPERLINK “” HYPERLINK “” HYPERLINK “″Counting review – up to 20 (100) 

Tobi completed this, though could do with doing it again once he has worked on his 5 times tables and tally charts.


5 times table with P.A. ball game, through the ball to each other whilst asking a 5 times table question, cannot through the ball until you get the question correct! By the end of this Tobi was saying his 5 times table, however we need to keep on with it

Pirate Spelling

Tobi did the medium level last night straight off so he did this again and He then moved onto the hard level. He tried extremely hard and had about 6 attempts, however when he got 1 question wrong, he was like ‘no I have to get all of them right!’.

He started to get quite stressed so he took himself in the therapy room and did a session with the singing bowl to calm down! We did get this on  video but there was some background noise, however here it is!

Made a shopping list for the week up until we go on our trip,

Tobi looked at what we had in, he planned 7 meals and  contributed to the shopping list.


Both Tobi and Caelum

They went with P.A. to the library to return their books and picked up the case from the repair man


After school club then Beavers



the five times tables

Tobi started off well up to x3 after that he began to struggle and get frustrated with the worksheet. So we did the ball game again, Tobi now can do the 5s upto x12 but only with guidance by saying the alternating number. ( 5-15-25-35). we did try to get him to do it on his own but he wasnt in a good mood.

Wonders of the world top trumps game.

He now knows the right way to play the game, and the catigories so he can play without help. but still needs help to read the numbers.Tobi knows upto a 100 without help and if it is over he just read the digits with dashes.



Tobi helped pack his bag for America.



Day off, Caelum’s bithday 🙂



Working on:


 more, less and equally likely (yr 2 p.1)


River Rhyming, Rhyming Words (medium level)


Could do with doing again:

Maths, Money:

Online, this speaks so Tobi maybe ok being left, Year 2, N.1 Coin value:

Tobi did this but needed help reading the coins, Need to work on recognising each coin by their colours, shapes and sizes


A.2 HYPERLINK “” HYPERLINK “” HYPERLINK “″Counting review – up to 20 (100)  Needs to learn 5 times table and tally charts

https:/ HYPERLINK “″/