Caelum’s school timetable

Week 1


Paraphrasing practice worksheet: Van Gogh

Caelum identified the main idea, did a spider chart of the main points, changed the words and word order, changed the structure of the paragraph and wrote about it in a different way. This was his first time doing this so we just left him to see how he did and the results were good.

Maths work sheet, find the mediums

Caelum did this within a minute

Maths work sheet, factions, decimals and percentages, more than, less than or equal to

Got all right apart from 1, but only got it wrong because he was rushing, he had another go and got it right.

Watched some educational videos on puberty  and sex education

Chatted about it and explained how his body and moods will start to change soon (well the moods have already started!) and why this is.

Caelum and Tobi together

Grand Canyon reading

We asked both boys where we were going and what they think it would be like. We spoke about the wonders of the world and how they came about.   We did the reading together. Making sure Tobi could see the pictures and everything. Caelum didn’t understand why we were taking a boat ride on the Colorado River, he said ‘why waste money? You’ve spent enough already, why can’t we just walk around it’ so we watched a short video on the Grand Canyon off You tube, then Caelum realized the size of it! And said ‘a boat ride would be cool!


Paraphrasing practice worksheet: The Ohlone People

Caelum identified the main idea, highlighted the main points, changed the words and word order, he changed the structure of the paragraph and wrote about it in a different way. This was his second time so  he has the general idea and improved on the day before a little. Pointed out but didn’t linger on it that these people come from near where we’re going.

Caelum and Tobi together

Start looking at packing lists

Looked at the weather we should be expecting as well as the weather at the Grand Canyon. Looked at the itinerary and see what kind of activities we could be doing. We just did the check-in bag first. Looked at the law on what you can and can’t put in it. Look at examples of packing lists,  the boys started thinking about what they need, bearing in mind the weather and activities we are doing. Started writing their own packing lists. We point out that they only have to do it like this once as next time they will just have to adjust it as necessary.) We spoke about visas, passports, flight tickets, change money and why we have to do all thi


Caelum and Tobi together

Look at packing lists again

They both went through them. Have they forgotten anything they can think of? Do they have enough clothes, underwear and such or do they need to go shopping. They both sorted their clothes and made a shopping list, also a list of what we need to look for.

Tobi had some friends coming over so we did a little on the Grand Canyon and do an experiment using sand and water, getting an idea of how the Canyon was formed


Caelum and Tobi together

Packing lists

Started looking at what toys and extras the boys want to bring. Looked at the law for carry-on bags. Started looking at what they need to include in their carry-on bags. Told them that they can get really cool carry-on bags that they can sit on and everything much cheaper in America so maybe just take an old bag each out there and get a cool bag there. Started making a list for the carry-ons.

The rest of the day was shopping, the boys were responsible for what they needed to get and be well behaved and focused throughout the day. Caelum learnt how important it is to be sensible in shops when Tobi fell and hurt his eye! Caelum surprised me shopping as he has no patients at all, apart from computer games. He did have a little moan when we started off shopping but then he picked up and took time choosing his own clothes, he brought £10 of his own money and he had to spend it! We will be working on ‘saving money’ with Caelum throughout the year!

I had to pick my wheelchair up from the shop and this took much longer than expected, both boys were extremely  patient and did not loose their temper as they normally do!


Paraphrasing practice worksheet: Ohlone people first American natives

Caelum identified the main idea, changed the words and word order, changed the structure of the paragraph and wrote about it in a different way. This wass third time doing this this week so he had the general idea and he’s getting quicker. We just try and get him to improve a little bit each time and he will get there. He’s checking his work for spelling mistakes and punctuation.

We all weren’t feeling too great today so didn’t do much.

We went out to get the boys haircut and looked for sandals which we didn’t find, so we ordered some offline, lets hope they arrive in time!

Caelum’s sandals arrived on Sunday yey!


Caelum’s school timetable

Week 2


Changed bed, Tidied room, Made a bacon and egg sandwich, Took Tobi on park path on his scooter

Paraphrasing practice worksheet: Sedimentry rock    

Had no help at all and did ok, however you can tell he rushed it


Place values I whole numbers

Did these straight off with no help and asked for more!

Word names for numbers

Did these straight off with no help and asked for more!

Attempted making slime:

After many goes we finally got it! But don’t ask how as we tried so many different ways! The boys granddad went on a mission and he was the one who got victory!


Online Maths, whole numbers

did well but needs to think about it

Loved doing this and completed this section with no problem

English: Correct capitalisation errors

Did very well indeed, however Caelum’s concentration was going so we left it for the day. This needs finishing


Paraphrasing practice worksheet: The Gray Wolf

He did really well on this. He did have to work on his handwriting and spelling again.

English: Correct capitalisation errors

He did have a lot of difficulty doing this, though started off good. He needed a lot of help to be able to finish it. He was determined to finish it though, when I said he could finish it another time he refused! Caelum was getting very stressed with it, he doesn’t like to be beaten! Practice makes perfect.  Sessions on this website can be long winded, so maybe it’s a good idea to split it up, the site does save where you left off

Caelum and Tobi together:

45 mins,

Youtube video The Grand Canyon, Caelum make simple notes whilst watching, If Tobi wants to make notes he can do so by telling but quietly, Then talk about what the boys have learned from the video

Caelum really enjoyed the first few minutes of this but quickly got a bit bored as it was a bit technical. This was understandable, Caelum just needs to learn patience and that he will find things hard. He did enjoy it though and learnt loads from it. He did all right taking notes but missed a few of the important facts. He has got the general idea though so that’s good.

Other videos but fun:

4.5 mins, good video if time is short:-

This was good but gave all the information quite quickly. Used with the other video it was really good though as it summed it all up in a nice fun way. Caelum really liked the delivery of this one.

Maths: Multiplying Decimals: Math Riddle

Caelum wanted to try this, he thinks once he understand it, he’ll enjoy it. However Caelum found this to difficult. Definitely needs to work up to this one, but at least he gave it a go.


Words for Numbers
he did some words for numbers online

He needs to completing this


Karate & Youth Club



English: Correct capitalisation errors

Completed but with help so really needs to do it again, the thing with this site is from 90 to 100 points it’s the challenge zone and if you get 1 question wrong whilst in this zone, you loose quite a few points.

Both Tobi and Caelum

They went with P.A. to the library to return their books and picked up the case from the repair man

Caelum and P.A dropped Tobi off at after school club and then did the shopping. Caelum helped get the items on the shopping list, looking for the best deals. Caelum had a good attempt at trying to help with packing the shopping, however  he just needs teaching how to pack properly



Caelums english work = punctuation work sheets

got off to a really good start and got on with the work straight away, got most of the questions right only a few wrong. Although these were small erros that as soon as it was pointed out he corrected on his own straight away.  I think it may have been due to rushing.

caelums maths :

99 questions Testing x2 x3x4x5x6x7x8x9x10x11x12

got all correct

write place value

got all 26 right

write the number in word format

started off reluctant but as soon as he got the hang of it got all of them right. 20/20 but reminded to take his time.


we tried to show him how to iron a shirt, caelum wasnt really co-operating due to his attitude and he had been out with his dad and got a new game so he was preoccipied


Day off Caelums Birthday 🙂


Working on


To complete:

Words for Numbers