Both boys

Hi I find it much easier just to keep one document per week for both boys, ¬†instead of switching between two and uploading twice, I’m sure you understand ūüôā

We had an fantastic time in LA we did loads, learnt and experienced a lot, whilst having fun at the same time. ¬†It’s taking quite some time sorting the photos, however we’ll soon be uploading them onto the site along with video diaries and hopefully write-ups!

In conjunction¬†with the above, I’ve started the boys on this years academic work. ¬†I brought these new set of books for Caelum which I think are fantastic as they use all the ways of learning, Caelum’s enjoying them too which makes it easier! They’re the ‘KS3 Complete Coursebook (Letts KS3 Revision Success – New 2014 Curriculum)‘ ¬†Maths, English and Science,

Tobi has been working on the books that continue on from last year, however I might search for some different ones. ¬†We’ve started reading a set of books called ‘The Magic Tree House’, I love these books as they’re adventure books but the children learn a lot from them. They’re for all ages and there’s a web site with games and quizzes on the books as well as worksheets!¬†

I knew the boys were getting a bit ‘lazy’ and their behaviour was becoming worse, I was also concerned on whether or not they were working¬†at the right level. So whilst they were at their holiday clubs this week (19th – 23rd Oct) I did some thinking on how to improve the situation. I think adding a male to assist might help though I want to look at all the options before just hiring another member of staff. I looked on-line and I found ‘A Star Tutors’¬† so I went and had a chat with them. WHAT LOVELY PEOPLE! ¬†They weren’t phased at all in the boys being home schooled, no disappointing looks or anything! They genuinely just want the best for children and they’re there to help! ¬†Caelum and Tobi have been for tests to see what level they are at and where to work on, the boys enjoyed it and they were so good! ¬†They are working on a ok level, they’re down in some things and up in others. The teachers said they’re very bright boys but they’re not using their brains as well as they’re capable of and just need a kick! ¬†I’ve decided to send them to A Stars for an hour of maths, an hour of science and 2 hours of English each week to push them. I’ll keep you posted!!!