October 26th – November 1st

                               26th Oct – 1st Nov WK 7

Caelum did Maths from letts book (1.1.  audio 001 up to 3:53), binary numbers, directive numbers, adding and subtracting directive numbers.   Caelum needs a bit of work on this however he has just about got it.

He learnt our phone number, the best way of doing this was for him to dial the number off his mobile and then he remembered it!

1 hour of Science at A Star Tutors then Scouts.
                                                                                              By Bonnie (Mum)

Tobi learnt coin recognition  with real coins, we cut some chocolate up and Tobi had to give the right amount of change to get a piece of chocolate, He enjoyed this and he learnt quickly. Tobi did his 5 x tables (counting up to 100) with 5p’s,  he does need to work on the  full sums e.g. 3 x 5 = 15.

Tobi learnt our phone number and address, at start he dial the number off a mobile quite a few times,  this made it fun and then he remembered it!

Gymbobs then 1 hour of Science at A Star Tutors.

     Both Boys:

We learnt that the United States of America is a County, in the USA are 50 states. We learnt about the American flag, the history behind the flag, the 50 stars on it that represents the 50 state.  We learnt that the 4th July 1776 America gained independence and was no longer part of the British Empire, this is celebrated every year on the 4th of July as Independence Day and that George Washington was the president of America at this time.

We watched a youtube video:


We look at the map of America, I explained that the different colours are the different states (it’s a simple map I found on Google images) We found California, I explain that California is a State and L.A is a City in California

Caelum coloured the flag and they both counted the stars
                                                                                                                  By Bonnie (Mum)


He remembered his phone number straight off and most things we learnt yesterday about America, I asked him these questions and he answered them straight off! What date and year did America gain independence? Who was the president at this time? What does the American flag represent? How many states are there? Stars?  What’s California? What’s L.A?

Tobi coloured his American flag.

The address needs more work, although he’s getting there, I split it up e.g. the name of the house, the number of the house, the street name and so on, he also tries to read it off a flash card and he’s doing well.

Science: We went over what he did yesterday at A Stars, the 4 seasons and relate them to other aspects in life.

He watched this video and answered the questions: http://www.turtlediary.com/kindergarten-games/science-games/seasons.html

He does need to work on this, he knows there are 4 seasons in a year, he knows the name of them and a little about what the weather is like in each 1.

English at A stars, GB gymnastics club then Karate.

                                                                                                         By Bonnie (Mum)


He remembered his phone number and everything we learnt yesterday about America, I asked him these questions and he answered them straight off! What date and year did America gain independence? What did this mean? Who was the president at this time? How and when is this celebrated? What does the American flag represent? How many states are there? Stars?  What’s California? What’s L.A?

Caelum continued to read book mice and men, the English teacher gave him a challenge to read it by Thursday!

He did binary again. To begin with he didn’t really get it  but a P.A. of mine found a good site to help. He had some flash cards and the P.A. explained the 1 is on and the 0 is off. When the flash card was face up it was on and when the card was face down it was off. The numbers were in dots on the cards. The site is csunplugged.org/binary-numbers/Download  binary numbers (English) the P.A then asked him some more questions and made it a bit harder and he got it fine.

Karate then Youth Club

                                                                                              By Bonnie (Mum)

Tobi remembered his Address and phone number when I asked him.

Days of the week http://www.turtlediary.com/kindergarten-games/math-games/days-of-the-week.html

We started to learn the days of the week. Tobi knows the names but not the order. We started making flash cards for them. They are nearly done. They have the names of the days and pictures of activities that Tobi does on those days. Hopefully this will work. If not I’m going to cry!                                             By Bonnie (Mum)

Tobi completed his American flag today. He did really well with it considering he doesn’t really like colouring in at all. He didn’t really want to do it and just wanted to go play so the P.A. put a blubber cover on his left fist and for some reason that kept him entertained enough he just got on and did it fine. Strange child.

Then he had English at a stars then he went to Noonoo’s (Nana) and he is going to do his pumpkin.


Mice and men  book. HE FINISHED IT!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!! He has finished it in 3 days.  He has enjoyed it mostly but just found some off the old words a bit hard to get his head around. He was a bit shocked at some of them but when it was explained to him and we looked up the meaning of them he was ok. the P.A. explained that some words used then are still used now but just not in the right context.

He reviewed binary numbers for ten minutes first thing and he got it all right. He had remembered it all and was able to work them out without any help. He didn’t even have to check the cheat sheet the P.A. wrote for him. He did all the calculations in his head. Very impressive.

Science. He did the second question in the practice questions on section on cells in the letts ks3 science ages 11-14. He did really well as he had to remember it from a couple of weeks ago. He only got one tiny bit in a section under 2 wrong so that was really good. The last question under 2 though he couldn’t remember the answer to though. That was ok so we did some research on it as the book he was working from is good but a bit basic. It doesn’t really expand on things sometimes. We googled it (what would we do without google) and found the answer. He lost concentration though because when the P.A. asked what the answer was now he couldn’t remember any of it. We went through it again and he got it but said he didn’t know how to put it in words. I don’t really think he’d paid much attention the second time either. I helped him get the answer but he’d lost it really by that point so we left it there.

He did maths at A Stars. He went to his dad’s 7-9.


Tobi had a hospital appointment so we just learnt the days of the week, we tried a few different ways, making up short sayings e.g. ‘I sat on the wall waiting for the sun to come out’, to try and get him to remember that Saturday comes before Sunday. We tried jumping up and down to the names. Then we tried putting it in a song. Tobi has just about got it but not to the stage where we can leave it. So this is something to work on.

Tobi had maths at A Stars, they used conkers for counters which I love, we need to get more though! He needs to practice counting up and down in 10s and 20s. he also needs to understand numbers above 100.
                                                                                                           By Bonnie (Mum)

Science he has completed the practice questions. (letts ks3 science 11-14 section 1 cells and organisms) he did really well with it but struggled just slightly with concentration. Nothing too bad though. He did really well on the questions. If he couldn’t remember one he did the research to find the answers. Which for him is a massive improvement. He did it in two parts. He could do with reviewing unicellular organisms in a couple of weeks as he couldn’t quite remember everything.

He read a bit of a Chrismas Carol.

He went to A stars and did English.

He went to trampoline.

                                                                                                    By Bonnie (Mum)

I wasn’t very well so we didn’t do much today.


I found this site to test Caelum on Binary Numbers: http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/guides/z26rcdm/test  Caelum did fantastically it all out in his head, he got 7 out of 10 which is amazing considering he only learnt it this week! However Caelum is an perfectionist so he got upset because he wanted to get them all right and said he thought he had cracked binary numbers but obviously he hasn’t! My mum and I gave him praise and explained that getting 7  out of 10 on these things is amazing.

Caelum had 2 hours of English at A Stars,  his home work for that is: Spellings:
HONEST        LENGTH        REGION        REQUIRE      BEAUTIFUL             PREVIOUS            KNOWLEDGE                      EMPATHY     NFORMATIVE              IMPRISONED                       AUTHOR

He also has to write a speech.
                                                                                                          By Bonnie (Mum)

I asked Tobi his phone number, address, the seasons of the year, the season we are in now and the days of the week, he got them all right straight away!  My mum started to teach him the months of the year.

Tobi had English at A Stars, he needs to learn to read these words: play,   said, say,         your,          may,   slip,    clay,   press,   they,   flap,             my,   drop,   you,   glum,   crash,   ship,   stand,   smash,   fish,   shoot,   chin,   church,   chip,   thin,   thumb,   that,    this.  He also needs to learn the sounds ch, sh and th again.

Tobi then had after school club.
                                                                                                       By  Bonnie (Mum)

I printed Tobi’s words out that he needs to learn to read, I went through them with him and he got about half a them right. Later on in the evening Caelum went through the words again with Tobi and he got a few more right.

Tobi made his own noodles for lunch and experimented by adding different ingredients!
                                                                                                           By Bonnie (Mum)

I printed Caelum’s spellings out for him and asked him to study them and I told him that I was going to test him on them tomorrow.

By Bonnie


We decorated the house for All Hallows Eve (Halloween) we learnt the history of All Hallows Eve and when we had dinner we set a plate out for our visitor who could have been Angel (their sister) Caroline (their aunty) their grand granddad, their grand nanna or someone else.

We dressed up and went trick or treating.

                                                                                                      By Bonnie (Mum)


I tested Caelum on his spellings, he got about half of them right however it was obvious that he hadn’t really been studying them. I explained to him that from the test the other week at A Stars I now know that his IQ is very high indeed (125) and I know that if he had been studying then he would have got all these right, he did get upset and angry and Tree (a P.A. of mine) and I said that it won’t work and that I’m not going to send him to his room so he can get out of it, he stopped then! We went through the spellings with him, explained that he needs to split the words down instead of trying to guess and then he got all of them right, I said that I’m going to test him tomorrow.

Caelum did some of the washing after Sunday dinner.

He cleaned out Nibbles (the rabbit) hut and cleaned his room.
                                                                                                        By Bonnie (Mum)


Tobi read his words out to me, he is getting them however he’s getting stuck on my, may and they.

He remembered his phone number, he just about remembered his address but got a little mixed up when he got to the postcode, however after a few attempts he got it,  it took him 2 attempts to remember the days of the week in order and he remembered the seasons of the year however not in order so we did some work on that.

Tobi cleaned his room.

By Bonnie (Mum)