November 2nd – 8th (Wk 8)

                      2nd – 8th November WK 8

English: Caelum wrote a speech on a discovery of a dinosaur, he delivers the speech very well, however he needs to write it again as it can be much tidier with better punctuation and grammar.

Caelum read a bit more of The Christmas Carol book. He has read this before so is reluctant to read it again!

Science at A Stars and then Scouts.

                                                                                                        By Bonnie (Mum)

Tobi remembered his address, phone number, days of the week and the seasons straight off however he still needs to work on the order of the season.

Maths: Tobi practised his 10 and 2 time tables on this site:    My mum taught him to count up and down in 20’s from 1 to 200. He got it and he did different sums, he will need to practise this again to make sure it is probably in his head.

Tobi isn’t very well so we gave Gym Bobs a miss this week. however he still went to A Stars for Science ‘seasons of the year’.

                                                                                                               By Bonnie (Mum)

     Both Boys:

An P.A. of mine took both boys out in search for conkers for Tobi’s maths. They did pretty well considering it’s a little late to collect conkers!

                                                                                                             By Bonnie (Mum)


Tobi read his words.  he has just about learnt them now.

Maths: Tobi counted up and down in 20’s, we put 20 conkers in 8 filing draws and opened each 1 as he counted up. My idea was to do some sums, opened draws are + and closed draws are -, but Tobi wasn’t really concentrating.

Science: Tobi started to learn the months. He’s doing this so he can match them to seasons. He still has a long way to go with this but we’ve made a start on it. We did this by making it into a song. Tobi didn’t like the songs on youtube but preferred the one I (Emma) made up for him instead. He seems to memorize things better if we make a little song about it.

                                                                                                           By Bonnie (Mum)


Caelum did his spellings and he got everyone right both writing them down  and spelling them out aloud!

Caelum finished his Christmas Carol book!

English at  A Stars He read his speech out to. He completed and proofread this at A Stars. They said he did really well and concentrated.

Science: Read Letts ks3 science book pages 27 – 29 and answered the questions on page 29. This was all about the skeleton and muscular systems. He did really well with it. He has done some of this in the past but he learnt some new thing as well, for example, the bone marrow creates red and white blood cells. He also didn’t know there were different types of blood cells. He learnt all about the joints and antagonistic muscle pairs. He really seemed to enjoy this work. He only had to read it once through and remembered most of the main facts just from that. We then expanded on this.

                                                                                                                        By Emma



Quickly recapped what we did on America. He had remembered a lot. Even the dates just not 4th july but he remembered the year.

A Stars: English and Maths: he did have a tantrum because he didn’t want to write. They dealt with it well. He has homework to do. He has a maths board game to play. He has to do counting in 10’s to beyond 100. Ask 10 more/less. Ask 20 more/less. Tobi has some words to practice and he has to practice writing some of the letters. He does know them and we practice writing them nearly every week but he sometimes chooses not to remember and sometimes just wants to not try. He tries to do what he sees is the easy way out.

We quickly put the photos that Tobi wants to talk to Beavers about on his memory stick.

Tobi went to the nursery after school club for a couple of hours.

Tobi went to Beavers, however they didn’t do the photos this wee but they will.


Quickly recapped the work on America. He had remembered nearly everything, even dates and things. Very briefly started work on why the Civil War happened. Also quickly looked at 9/11. Need to do a lot more on both of these and possibly Pearl Harbor as well

English: Homework to do: write a summary on Jacob Marley. He had a hard time getting into this. He didn’t really want to do this at all. To start with he was just saying he was just a ghost and that was it. We chatted about and we asked him questions to get him to think about it and go deeper with it. He eventually wrote 3 paragraphs. He did well but you can see from his writing that he hasn’t really gone that deep with it. He kept to what he knows already and didn’t go much farther than that. We did talk about it afterwards and he admitted he could of looked deeper. He knows this is something he has to work on it. We ran out of time but he has proofread it. Tomorrow morning we’re going to look at it again together and see what we can do.

A stars: He had maths and science chemistry



We did a quick recap on the seasons of the year, Tobi remembered them, he also remembered the order and what the weather was like in each season. We did more on the months of the year, Tobi remembered right up to October, then he got the last 3 mixed up so I told him to try to remember that Caelum’s birthday is in September and then it’s Angel’s (their sister’s) birthday is in October, this seemed to work a bit. We did some online games:

Tobi has just about got the months however he does need more work on it to make sure it has definitely gone in.

We asked him his address, his phone number and the days of the week. he got them all right straight away!

A Stars Maths

A Stars Science: Tobi was great at reciting the months of the year but struggled a little from August onwards.

A Stars Maths: Number formation ok except ‘6’ – he draws it backwards. We spent some time looking at this. Found counting backwards a bit tricky. 2d shapes – focused on circle, rectangle, square, semi-circle, triangle – looked at the properties of each shape. We will look at pentagon, hexagon and octagon next time.


English: Finished off the summary of Jacob Marley. He proofread it himself first then we went through it again together. He didn’t really want to do it so it was a bit of a struggle to get him to do it. We then went through it and I asked him questions like why did he write that bit, what made him feel that way and so on………… The answers were mostly good once he’d decided to do but I pointed out that I needed that in writing. He stayed very safe with it not really giving me any details or evidence to back up what he had said. Last paragraph was a little better as he had explained it a bit better but still got a long way to go.

Spellings: Interest, Palaeontology, insufficient, museum, column, believe, parent. He did well. Got museum, believe and parent straight off. Interest, insufficient, column he noticed where he went wrong and wrote them correctly without any help at all. He’d tried with palaeontology but still got to do work on that one.

Maths: at A Stars

Science: He did the homework from A Stars on the atoms and the periodic table. We looked at atoms briefly and remembered a lot but had to be reminded on a couple of things. He wrote in the elements on the periodic table 6-10. He did really well but for the last one he got muddled up with the one above. He corrected it however so no problem. He then played some periodic table games online. I can’t remember which ones but I just googled ‘periodic table games for year 7’ and just picked a couple that looked. He enjoyed that and it was a nice way to finish it.

A Stars English: he wrote out a plan for a essay on Marley.



I was very busy today with my healing work  so my mum had them on her own. Caelum, he needs to learn how to get on with his work without being punished to and watched over, even though he doesn’t want to do it, he didn’t do much  at all. Tobi Science: Tobi drawn pictures of the seasons and considering he hates drawing he did very well! This sill needs finishing off, putting the right months in the right seasons.

Maths:  counting up and down to 200 in 10’s and 20’s, he did well.

Both boys had English at A Stars and Caelum had Science Physics at A Stars too

                                                                                                              By  Bonnie (Mum)


Dad’s day.
                                                                                                          By Bonnie (Mum)