Nov 16th – Nov 22nd Wk 10


                    16th – 22nd November WK 10

Caelum did both sets of his Science homework today, Biology: The digestive system and Physics: Air and atmosphere. He did very well and did it all on his own, he asked for help when he got stuck but this was minimal.

He has read 2 books of the ‘Magic Tree House’ and he said he is quite impressed with these books as they have quite a lot of educational information in.

Science Biology at A Stars then Scouts, they’re going on a hike tonight.

                                                                                                By Bonnie and Noo-Noo’s

Tobi went to the shop with Uncle Joe and picked paint for his bedroom, he wants orange and green strips! mmmmmm lets just do 1 wall first place than see what he thinks!

Science: Tobi started to make his weather diary for the week with Noo-Noo’s.

English and Science at A Stars

                                                                                                                             By Bonnie


Tobi wanted to help Uncle Joe paint his room, so he did so and he did a very good job of it! He’s still sticking to green and orange strips! It doesn’t look bad actually!



Tobi did some maths online: (and year 1) match the number with the word, Tobi did very well indeed on this.   A2: count to a ten frame, A3: counting review, A4: counting tens and ones, by this point Tobi was getting bored and loosing construction so he didn’t really get the tens and ones, however I think if we do this when he is in the right mood,  he’ll get it. He was much more interested in getting the virtual prize that this site gives, rather than doing the work!

Tobi helped me count some of my stock, he put it in piles of ten and then counted them. He now realises how easy it is to count large quantities when he puts it in piles of tens, so now he understands why he has to learn this.

GB Gymnastics then Karate

                                                                                                                      By Bonnie


Spellings: Caelum did very well. He got 7 out of 10 correct without any help. He did need help a bit on the word physique but seemed to get there. We went back through them and he highlighted the bits he thought were the most challenging in each word.                                                                                                          By Emma

A Stars: English, An email update from Jax one of  his English tutors: As you know he  has read ‘Of Mice and Men’ and ‘A Christmas Carol’ and we have been working on the characters, structure and the language techniques the writers have used.  We have also started some drama –  ‘Macbeth’ and Caelum is making valiant attempts with the Shakespearean language as we are reading it in the Elizabethan English!  We will move on to some poetry soon so he will be covering all three genres which are required for KS3 and GCSE.

Originally I wanted him to do lots of writing for homework but I think I will wait for him to work on his language writing skills with Anne so that he will be better prepared for what I expect from him.  Homework for me then, is just lots of reading of the classics, for the time being.
As you can see, I am stretching him with his reading and he is coping admirably – we have really taken him out of his comfort zone!

Caelum read up to #12 of  The Magic Tree House books.

Karate then Youth club



English homework: Trace over the alphabet start at the pink dots. Also learn words: my, name, like, play, garden, ball, call, tall, eyes, nose.  and repeatedly write these.

Tobi did very well with his handwriting practice when he could follow the lines. He was spot on. When it came to writing the words he was learning, although it was as if we hadn’t done any practice on how to write the letters at all. He did well with his spelling, he needed a little help here and there but in the main he was good. I did however rub it all out and got him to write them again as his handwriting was terrible. He got really frustrated when I corrected him on mistakes. I didn’t make a big thing of it but did point out he needed to accept help if he is going to improve at all.

We had a small chat about accepting help when he has got something wrong. He is starting to get a little like Caelum.                                         By Emma

Tobi made his own fruit smoothie today, with natural honey yoghurt, a banana, a apple, a pear, some blueberries, fruit juice and milk, he cut everything up then blended it all together, he then let everybody have some, it was lovely, thank you Tobi!

Beavers work: Taking care of an animal for 6 weeks, he has a booklet to fill in. Tobi is the main one who feeds the dog Jessie and the cat Ebony daily so he did this on these 2. I only took over working with Tobi in the afternoon. Tobi has been a bit upset so I got him to spend a while in the crystal room to chill out and get his head back together.  When we resumed work Tobi did very well indeed, he filled in the whole booklet on Jessie and Ebony, he tried very hard with his spelling and writing, he didn’t get upset at all when he couldn’t spell something, he did try and get it right, however he wanted us to just tell him how to spell things correctly, we just helped him along the way. He has nearly finished it all, he only has 2 more pages to go which is write down any things that the animals have done over 6 weeks.

After school club then Beavers.

Whilst having tea, Tobi picked up one of Caelum’s science revision cards off the table and he read it, it was the ‘cell’ card, Tobi asked what was a cell so after tea I showed him a youtube video, I just put  ‘what is a cell for kids’ and we watched:       all be it a bit advanced, however it’s a very good video and some of it went in.

                                                                                                     By Bonnie & Granddady 


Caelum did the first bit of his English homework:

  1. Learn to spell :

crescent            efficient            physique            ceremony           does

knowledge        seize                 vehicle                initials                cautious

Caelum did well, might need to go over these again.

  1. For each word, write a sentence to show that its usage is understood, remembering to use correct punctuation, best handwriting with large enough gaps between words and correctly sized capitals and ascenders.

Caelum has done well on this, however the ‘meanings’ of some words aren’t quite right, Also there are a couple spelling miss-apps and 1 or 2 capital letters missing.

Maths homework: Percentages, eg finding out 30% off £3.00. Caelum did this all on his own and whizzed through it.

Science homework:  Science Letts KS3 book  Questions 1-3 on page 34 of Progress Check AND page 37’s Q4   Gas Exchange

Caelum did this all on his own, I did offer to find a youtube video on this to make it more interesting but he said he knew it and rather just answer the questions.

He has waited all  day for the ‘Vacation Under The Volcano’ Magic Tree House book #13 to arrive, we have the set up to # 47 but #13 was missing.  It finally arrived at 4.45 so he read it straight away!

A Stars Maths & Science Chemistry

Caelum read the first chapter of ‘Animal Farm’. he says the chapters are really long!

                                                                                    By Bonnie & Noo-Noo’s


Finish Beavers work.

Tobi did so well with this. He has completely finished this. He wrote 6 sentences on interesting things that have happened with the pets. He only needed a little bit of help with a couple of the spellings but pretty much did it all himself. He really enjoyed it and got really into it. He didn’t make it easy on himself either.

English:   Continue to learn to spell and write: my, name, like, play, garden, ball, call, tall, eyes, nose.  and repeatedly write these.

Tobi read these words and wrote them down, he did look at the spellings a few times however he did the work straight off.

A Stars maths and science
                                                                                                            By Emma & Bonnie

Check spellings have gone in:

crescent            efficient            physique            ceremony           does

knowledge        seize                 vehicle                initials                cautious

Second part of English homework:

  1. Look out for words using similar spelling patterns and compile lists of them.

He started this really well. We reviewed what he had done on the sentences using the words and looked them up to check he’d got the right meanings. He hadn’t got it right on a couple but he didn’t get angry or upset instead just talked through what he did wrong and made sure he understood it. I was very impressed with him as normally he gets really upset with himself if he gets anything wrong. He choose 4 words to start looking at then found some words with similar spelling patterns. He then looked up the words in dictionary to make sure he had got them right. He was really enjoying this but then it all fell apart for some reason.

3. Re-write ‘Smile Catcher’ with correct punctuation and in best handwriting. (Sheet is in blue folder).

He did really well with this and really enjoyed it. We reviewed the golden rules of handwriting to start with then I left him to it. He did it quite quickly and I was very impressed. He had really worked hard and tried with this.

A Stars have said that Caelum’s work on the Smile Catcher was a beautifully presented piece. WELL DONE CAELUM

A stars English and maths

                                                                                                                          By Emma

Science homework: Learn the chemical symbols, the atomic numbers and mass numbers of the first 10 elements

Caelum has learnt the first 5 of these, we’ll need to test him later on to make sure this has gone in, then we’ll move onto the next 5.
                                                                                                                          By Bonnie

Home work Maths. Can Tobi complete the sheet labelled ‘Homework’ (sheet in his maths folder) 3D  Shapes

Tobi needed help reading the descriptions, he could match the shape to the descriptions without help,

Home work Science. Draw a detailed picture of himself and label the parts from the sheet. (sheet in his science folder)

Tobi has done an outline of himself,  he has yet to put the details on it and label it.

A Stars English, Tobi came back and did his homework straight away which was write the last sentence on the sheet about taking a bath.  He then went to after school club.
                                                                                           By  Bonnie, Noo-Noo’s & Grandady
There was a Christmas craft event on in Sileby  today, Caelum didn’t want to go but Tobi did! Caelum did get a little upset but we eventually came up with a resolution and Noo-Noo’s saved the day!  Caelum took a few of the  ‘Magic Tree House House’ books to Noo-Noo’s whilst Granddad and I took Tobi to the event. Tobi really enjoyed it, there was a tree house with a ladder, he loved this!  There was quite a lot to make, Tobi made a small heart sun catcher, a small reindeer out of sticks, twigs and small logs, he also made card Angeles.

                                                                                                                     By Bonnie
Dads day                                                                                                By Bonnie