March 21st – 27th wk 27


ing/ed endings sheet. Tobi did this fine and worked it all out himself. He had to have a little help with the word/s walking/walked. He couldn’t quite work out how to read them. He did have to rewrite a couple just because he had written far too big or his letters weren’t formed correctly so I could understand it. He redid them though without a fuss so it wasn’t a problem at all.

Butterfly life cycle. He had to complete the life cycle as only half was done. He drew the pictures and even coloured them no problem. I have just realised though that I forgot to get him to label them so I will do that with him. He did really well and explained the whole life cycle to me.

How does food help my body? (Use pictures or draw in boxes). He enjoyed this. He drew the pictures himself and came up with what he wanted all on his own. He did have to help with the spellings though but this OK as some of the words he wanted to use were big long hard words.

He hasn’t complained about writing to me at all and has done everything I have asked him to do nearly always when I have asked. He has only needed the naughty step a couple times to reinforce this but overall a massive improvement I think.


Caelum’s physics homework is page 170 and 171 for a progress check next week. He had a little trouble with a couple of questions on this so I said he needed to go back to his tutor and explain what he doesn’t understand and ask for help so hopefully he will do this. He has really tried though so I was happy with that.

He has been a bit excitable so I have sent him outside to get some exercise. This has seemed to work so far.

Caelum did some geography work that I set him. He asked for help a couple of times but it was a case of not really reading it properly and paying attention than he didn’t understand it. He did well with it and seems to be enjoying so far.

Again he has been a bit hyperactive all week so I have done some more active things with him to try and calm him. We have played quite a bit catch and he is improving in his reflexes. We have also played quite a bit of basketball and again he is improving and getting quite good. He hasn’t had much competition though as he has only been playing against me and I am pretty rubbish.

He has done some more homework for A Stars and done a good job.

By Emma