March 14th – 20th wk 26

The boys have done a lot of work and I’m really pleased with what they’ve done.


Reading comprehension – Caterpillars. He had to read some info and answer some questions on this and he did really well. He wrote in nice long sentences making sure he had made them as long as possible with no fuss at all. He also didn’t really need any help with the spellings and I was very pleased with the quality of his work. He did exceptionally well with this.

Adding ‘ing’ to words – to write the original words and 2 sentences containing these words. He did this straight off with no help. All I had to do is sit there really. He did really well with the sentences and made sure he included at least two words from the list in each. He also purposely made them as long and difficult as he could. He did this I didn’t say anything to him just assisted with spelling as and when he needed it which wasn’t much at all.

He had already done the maths as far as I could see so we left that,

A stars said he was very good but said as he had done lots of writing at home before he went he didn’t feel up to doing too much. They asked if we could try and not do too much writing with him before on English days so he doesn’t do this. I said we’d try. At the end of the day he has to do his work though and if they set him loads of homework then what can we do about itJ? Not our problem.

He did history with Caelum and was really good. He did the drawing I asked him to do no problem. He had to go to A Stars before he could finish all of it so I finished off with Caelum.

He has done some educational games on the computer like cbeebies and such in the few minutes in between things.


Please could Caelum do a small amount of independent research on EITHER Bats, Butterflies or The Great Wall of China? The instructions for this are on the comprehension sheet we looked at on Thursday (10th). If he can’t find this, no worries, he can just carry out some research of his own, ready to share next Thursday. He did this all on his phone and wrote a paragraph for each bit. I was very impressed. He did this all using his phone as his tablet isn’t working. He did the research on bats. He found it a bit tricky on some of the questions he was given to help him research it as he was being a bit to general and he was looking at bats as a whole. I said just take one type of bat and see how he does with that. He found that much better and could all the things he was asked to look up.

Biology homework do the practice question number 4 on page 37. He did this fine and I don’t think he had to come through to ask a question at all. He was very good and just got his head down and did all his work.

He was in his room a bit too much so we played a game of cards together and that seemed to help. He came away nice and happy and relaxed so it was good.

We did history and he did really well. We started off with Tobi but when he went to A Stars we did the rest on our own. He did the drawing fine but was rushing it a bit. When we did the spider graph chart though he was huffing and puffing about something. I asked what was up but he wouldn’t tell me. He was getting himself into a foul mood about it though so I said in the end he either talks about what is wrong or he has to go into timeout to calm down. He didn’t talk about so he had a little timeout. He then took himself off to the bathroom and cried his eyes out. I gave him 10 minutes to do this then called him through. He came without a problem but still was a little angry so I sent him to his room to chill for 5 minutes. When I called him back he was much better. We finished the work no problem. He seemed to enjoy the work but he never told me what was wrong so I just carried on as if nothing happened and he was fine.

He was isolating himself in his room a little so when Tobi was at A Stars we went outside and spent a while playing basketball. We were trying for personal bests and must have been out there for about an hour and a half. He was really happy and even when he didn’t get it in he was fine about it. He was really happy and got lots of fresh air and exercise. I called it PE and he did really well and I could see an improvement as well.

By Emma