June and July

Tobi started going to school full time.

He really enjoys it but misses the home schooling. He feels he is missing out a bit on some of the fun things we have done with Caelum. He is staying in though for the moment as he has been misbehaving at home a lot. We’re hoping he will learn that he can’t behave like that in the school environment so the home shouldn’t be any different.

Caelum is still going with the home schooling and a stars though.

because we are nearing the end of the school year we have started winding the work down. He has done a few tests so we can measure his progress and such like. In general he has done well and is up to or above par in most subjects so that’s really good.

During the holidays both boys are going to holiday clubs and the whole family is going away for a weeks holiday so that will be good.

We have started reviewing the workbooks and things for Caelum for the next year. We still need to find an ICT tutor for him but otherwise we think we have everything else covered now so that’s really good.

We are getting there finally.