January 18th – 24th wk 18

                       18th – 24th Jan WK 18

Caelum has a maths sheet in his bag from Mike if he could please do for next Wednesday?

Caelum has redo his speech. due today

Caelum worked well in the Literacy group yesterday. Could he read the text on earthquakes and answer the multi-choice questions before next Thursday?
I will NOT give him Homework after today’s sessions.

from A Stars

Caelum changed his bed and tidied his room.

Caelum did his speech today, it took him a while to get into it, Noo-Noo’s seems to be able to get Caelum to work very well. He wrote a lot and in was very good, although work on punctuation is needed.

A Stars English Language  and Science Biology then Scouts

                                                                                                              By Bonnie (Mum)

His HW is in plastic wallets marked ‘January 2016’ and is dated on each of his 3 green folders to make it easier to locate.

Science……Where do they live sheet? Fill in one example. There is another on the back if Tobi would like to complete it.

Maths…….Number bonds to 20 sheet.

English……..3 rules for sentences sheet (this was last weeks HW, sorry I forgot to put it in his folder!!)

From A Stars

Tobi was quite hard work today, he didn’t want to work and did everything he could to delay it! We had a new PA start today and he tried it on with her but somehow she managed to get him to work! He did his English homework, this was quite a lot of writing for Tobi so he did well, we do need to work on Tobi’s writing.

A Stars English and Maths then Gymbobs

                                                                                                              By Mum


Right Tobi was a nightmare today, he kicked off big time, well I suppose it’s best for the new PA (May) to find out sooner than later how he can be sometimes!  After a chat on the phone with Noo-Noo’s he was much better and he did the rest of his homework from yesterday, he flew through his Maths with no problem at all and he did it all on his own. He had help with his Science, drawing the animals but he did it.

GB Gymnastics then Karate

                                                                                                              By Mum


 Caelum did the rest of his homework from yesterday, he did all his English on his own without any problems, I then quizzed him on the periodic table from 1 to 20, he remembers the elements, the symbols and the numbers but not the mass number.
A Stars Maths, Karate and then Youth Club.

                                                                                                              By Mum

 We didn’t do much today. Caelum fixed my stick for me (I use a stick to type and without it I can’t use my computer at all) he has a good imagination ant is able to improvise very well.

Caelum’s A Stars English, Maths and Science Chemistry.

Tobi’s A Stars Maths and Science,  After school club and then Beavers

                                                                                                              By Bonnie (Mum)

                                          The Rest Of The Week:

Tobi has to do  the recycling and fill in a form for Beavers (it must be for a badge) so everyday he has been looking for things to recycle and logging them, he is actually really into this and it can be quite funny as  things seem to be tidier!

Caelum has to log the weather for 2 weeks for Scouts (again this must be for a badge) this is proving to be quite hard to do as he has many things to log such as cloud type and rain fall.

Noo-Noo’s had the boys on Friday whilst I did the market stall, Tobi did very well because when he returned from A Stars he did his Maths and Science homework that he had just got before  going to after school club!

Caelum had A Stars most of Friday.
                                                                                                              By Bonnie (Mum)