Jan 25th – 31st wk 19

                       25th – 31st Jan WK 19

Caelum has done OK with his work this week but has been in a bit of a funny mood. We’ve noticed it and A Stars have noticed it. He has been doing much better since Christmas but just not been great this week. In talking to him though he thinks it might be because he is a bit tired so we have chatted about a few ways to help him with this. Will have to see if next week is any better.

Tobi has had a good week mostly. He has his usual temperamental moments but nothing to bad or out of the ordinary. He had to go to the hospital this week for a check up on his arm and was really good because we had to wait for ages which is really boring for a 6 year old.

We all went to the library and the boys got some more books out. Caelum got a story book out and a graphic novel and Tobi just got loads of books about animals and such.  They both were really good and have started working out how they find the books they want. Caelum was good at helping Tobi to figure it all out.

                                                                                                               By Emma
                                                                                                              By Bonnie (Mum)

                                                                                                              By Bonnie (Mum)
                                                                                                              By Bonnie (Mum)