January 4th – 10th wk 16


                       4th – 10th Jan WK 16

We’ve had a good week. It’s been a bit of a slower week just easing the boys back into things but we have got a lot done and its done the boys good, well Caelum at least, a lot of good. Caelum’s been having a really good week. A Stars have noticed it as well as us. He seems to be happier in himself, he hasn’t really gotten into trouble, seems to have a bit more self confidence and generally just smiling a lot more. The break has obviously done him some good. Tobi however is attempting to make up for it though!

We went to play bowling on Tuesday and the boys loved it. Tobi used the ramp but Caelum threw all his own. Caelum was a bit stressed the first game because he wasn’t as good at it as he wanted to be but the second game was much better. He wasn’t any better really at it but his attitude was so we all enjoyed it more, Caelum doesn’t like loosing and he has to be good at everything or it’s not worth the effort! Caelum made  a big break through today after being in a mood and decided he would just play and enjoy it, well done Caelum! We had some lunch there then the boys played a couple of games in the arcade. Tobi went to gymnastics from there as it was just round the corner from the bowling alley and we dropped Caelum off to A Stars on our way home.

The boys and Bonnie all got new bedding sets so we got the boys to help us put them on the beds. Tobi was good while we put his on and was very helpful but When we asked if he could help us do his Mum’s he said he didn’t want to so we asked Caelum to help. Tobi didn’t like this though for some reason and kicked off big time. Caelum was really good and helped us while Tobi spent it in time out.

Caelum is starting to hit his hormonal teenage stage and so far its been mostly rather amusing. He tries to sleep as long as he can and replies mostly in grunts if he can. He also has a problem with not giving us his washing to do when he should so when he does its rather a large pile. His Mum has decided that he can do his own washing to try and help him understand what he is doing. It might be working but its to early to really tell. I spent some time with him trying to explain that he needed to turn his clothes the right way out and check his pockets. Tried to tell him it saves a lot of time later on but we shall see if any of it went in. He found it all quite fun to begin with but that will change!

Tobi has been on a sort of rampage today (Friday). One moment really happy the next moment screaming and kicking then crying. Its been a bit of a tiring day for both me and him. More me I think! In the morning while he was at A Stars Caelum and I went to see if we could find any workbooks in town on Geography, ICT and Natural History for the both of the boys. We didn’t really find anything so in the afternoon me and Tobi went to Kettering to see if we could find any there. We couldn’t really find anything there so we will look on the internet and will keep you all updated on what we find

(By Emma)


Today before the boys had their shower and movie my mum helped me to get them to do their homework from A Stars. Caelum was very good and just got on their it. Tobi was a little more difficult! He wasn’t bad as such however he kept messing around so where he could have gotten it all done in a hour it took him about 3 hours! Though I must say that he drew a elephant and a butterfly following step by step instructions online and he did very well indeed. He needed a little help with his English homework as he had to write 3 rules for a sentence and he wanted to put ‘spaces’, we suggested rather than that maybe a ‘subject’ and he agreed.

My mum had a long chat to him about respecting his olders because of late he has had a quite bad attitude.

Today I ordered some books offline:

Collins Primary Atlas (Collins Primary Atlases)

The Adventures of Earth Green, Dan  (not out yet)

World Atlas (Atlases)  Harrison, Patricia
KS3 ICT (KS3 Success Guides)   O’Byrne, Sean
See how we get on with these. Now that A Stars are doing Maths, English and Science with the boys, it has taken a lot of pressure and worry off me so now we can do more of the other subjects.
                                                                                                  (By Bonnie)