Feb 8th – 14th (WK 21)

                               8th – 14th Feb WK 21

Tobi has still  got chicken pots so he didnt go  back to  A Stars or clubs util Wednesday,  It has bee a mad cooking week for some reason!  It started off with Caelum making lemon  and sultana rock cakes. He looked up the ingredients, looked what we had and what we needed, Caelum then went shopping to get what we didn’t have.  Caelum actually baked these all on his own with minimal  assistance and these were lovely!

Tobi being Tobi had to do the full hog and he made a rich devils food cake. Tobi had to do this beacause of the name. He was looking for a chocolate cake but when I read the name he was like, “THAT’S THE ONE!!!” this was MASSIVE!  I would of said it was delicious but the truth is it went before I even got a try. 🙁

Thursday morning we went to make Tobi peanut butter on toast and realized that the peanut butter was out of date, we had 2 big tubs of it! What do you do? PEANUT BUTTER REESES CUPS!!!!!! OH YEH!!!!!!!!!! These are so easy to make, we had to put our own twist to it and use caramel chocolate instead of plain 🙂 Emma said they were like little drops of heaven !  again I didn’t get any!!!!!!!

We did history with the boys. We continued with what we had been doing about William the Conqueror but this time we looked at the knights. More specifically how to become one and their duties. We did a flow chart of all of this on a really big roll of paper on the floor. We also had maps and pictures of castles to help us visualize it. The boys really enjoyed this. Now I want to dress them both up as knights and get them to act just as they would have done in those days. Not sure Caelum will be quite as up for it but will give it a go. Tobi would love it!!!!

All homework from A Stars was done, all clubs as normal, Caelum went laser quest with youth club and loved it!

Sunday we went park and played Frisbee with 6  frisbees! Caelum was very good, Tobi got stressed because he wasn’t getting all the attention so  this was a bit of a learning time for him. Everyone was shattered but me!!!!!!

(By Emma and Mum)