Feb 22nd – 28th wk 23

                              22nd – 28th Feb WK 23

It has been a full  moon so a lot of emotions have been going around, the time table has got forgotten  a few times woops! Caelum and Tobi helped take all the crystals outside to cleanse and energize them, the boys also helped put them back. Caelum said he like the order we put them in (colour order)

Caelum really wanted so cards for a game, he found them  online and we ordered them, they arrived today (Wednesday) I told him he could do have them once he had done his Biology and maths homework from A Stars. This did get him to work, however he rushed and made mistakes, he got frustrated but managed to get there in the end. He did do some fantastic pie charts and worked really hard on them. He did get a couple wrong but he went back through and corrected his mistakes. He got a bit confused at times and was looking at the wrong column but he was good and just rubbed it out and tried again. He was determined to not have a break so he could get his cards as soon as possible. even if it meant skipping lunch to do this. He also spent a while quoting Bon Jovi songs in reference to his work! particularly Dead or Alive! That’s my boy!

Tobi didn’t want to work, he’s going through a stage of ‘I’ll get my way or I’ll kick and scream and make your hell unless I get my way. So he has lost laptop privileges and some  toys. However Tuesday night he was really good. He must have realised he wasn’t going to win this war. Wednesday morning he tried to put up a fight with writing for homework. Tobi and Caelum both hate writing. Before it got to bad to the point of no return I explained to him that if he just got on and did it then it would be over and done with nice and quickly or we could spend all day arguing it with him and him getting a lot of time outs on the step and still have to do the work. Thankfully he went for the first option and he did really well and smiled through it.