Feb 1st – 7th wk 20

                                 1st – 7th Feb WK 20

Tobi has had chicken pots this week and Caelum hasn’t been on top form so we’ve had a bit of a quiet week. Tobi has done all of his homework from A Stars and he has played Monopoly loads! He’s getting the hang of it now, at first he saved all of his money and didn’t buy anything but he soon realised this wasn’t the way to play! He then brought as much as he could but still acted sensibly and he wooped Emma!  This is a really good game to play, Tobi’s reading and counting is improving just by playing the game.

Caelum has been to all his classes and clubs this week, he has done most of his homework, however his ‘drive’ has been quite low and he has been putting himself down this week and I’m unsure why this is, he’s happy and cheerful one minute and all down the next.

We did touch on ICT this week, we learnt what it stood for and what it meant, we then put items in categories eg phone = communication.

By mummy