December 7th – 13th WK 13

                      7th – 13th December WK 13

We have just about finished Tobi’s room today yey! Now both boys have their own rooms with proper storage yey ! Thank you mum, dad and Joe!

Tobi had a full day at A Stars Maths, English Literacy, then English, Gym  Bobs and then Science.

Caelum had A Stars English Language and then Science Biology. Caelum did get some homework today so we’ll do that tomorrow.  Caelum read some of his book on Ancient Egypt  however that was all we had time for today as we got Tobi’s room done as well as everything else!                     By Bonnie (Mum)


Tobi was really good today and he worked really hard on his homework.

Tobi did the ‘how many?’ worksheet today. He estimated first then counted them up to see how close he had got. He was really close and even got it spot on a couple of times so that’s really good. When I did this with him a while ago it was pretty bad so really pleased with him.

Tobi did a worksheet on the sounds ‘ee’ ‘ea’ ‘ow’ ‘oa’. He did alright when he had to think of some words to add to the lists but when he had to fill in the gaps with the right one. He needs definite help with this as he found it very challenging. He was doing ok but wasn’t really thinking things through maybe as well as he could of done. Will definitely help him with this and work on it.

He did another worksheet on ‘which creatures do these eyes belong to’. He had to cut them all them all out then stick and label the eyes. He did well but it wasn’t easy for him to cut them out. To start with the pair of scissors we had were so stiff he couldn’t open or close them so we had to find another pair. Then he decided he was left handed all of a sudden and insisted he do it all with his left hand. I tried to point out not only was he right handed but the scissors he was using were also designed for right handers. He then started using his right hand all of a sudden and got so much better at it. All in all I must I was pretty amused by the whole thing. He did really well and really tried with this and despite the problems it turned out really well.

GB Gymnastics & Karate

                                                                                                       By Emma


Caelum did some work on his spellings for the week. He had to answer some questions on the changes in the words this week as well. To start with he decided he couldn’t understand it but then went and came back with a perfectly written piece of work. So yeah I think he understood it fine.

Caelum also did some reading on his science for the week. He was very good over this and just went off and did it all on his own.

A Stars English literature, Karate then  Youth Club             By Emma


I got the boys to make a list of people who they would like to buy Christmas presents for. After this they were looking on-line for what to get. They decided to get Uncle Joe a hat, they needed to measure his head so they could order the right size, They got Granddad to measure everyone’s head and made it sound like a Science experiment or something, see who had the biggest head!!!! it was funny!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                  By Bonnie (Mum)


Tobi was in a fantastic mood today! He helped Granddad put all of the  ‘Magic Tree House’ books on his shelf in number order, once he got the hang of it he was very good at it. Granddad then said titles of books for Tobi to find, give to him and Tobi had to put the books back in the correct order. Tobi seemed to really enjoy this and he was very good at it, he even finished off saying most of the titles of the books before Granddad could! Something must be going in!

Tobi and Uncle Joe carried out a experiment, unfortunately we didn’t get it on video. It involved a plate, a glass, a candle and a little water. They put a small amount of water on the plate, lit the candle, place the candle in the middle of the plate (the water didn’t cover the candle) Tobi then placed the glass over the candle. The water was sucked into the glass by the candle. They discovered that it worked better with small amounts of water rather than large amounts. This was a very good experiment and it worked!

After school club and then Beavers

                                                                         By Bonnie (Mum), Granddad and Uncle Joe 


Caelum wrote a piece on his views on Christmas, he integrated some of the ‘Christmas Carol’ that he has been working on in English. It was a very good piece of work,  Caelum was asked to write 300 words and he wrote 418 words, he was allowed to type this instead of handwriting it so he did as he prefers typing much more, he was asked not to use the spell check however I think he cheated on this! So next time I might get  ‘word pad’ up as this doesn’t pick up spelling errors and hopefully he won’t realise as they both look similar!

A Star Maths and Science Chemistry

Science homework & English: “Write a letter to your Aunt about your holiday in Devon”                                                                        By Bonnie (Mum)


I sent a P.A. shopping shopping with the boys for Christmas presents and a sad tree, it has always been a family tradition that we get the saddest tree that nobody wants, we bring it home, make it look lovely and make it happy again. They went to Stamford because we had to pick something up from there, wink wink 🙂 The boys chose who they wanted to get presents for and they chose the presents all on their own, I gave them a budget each and they both did extremely well and returned with quite a bit of money left over! The boys were really good especially as it is about an hour from us. Caelum was very helpful and carried a lot stuff for for the P.A. They had lunch out and they found that very fun. They really enjoyed the whole day. The P.A. said ‘I only had to threaten a couple of times to keep them in line’.
                                                                                                        By Bonnie (Mum)

Caelum did some writing for English today. He had to write a letter to his aunty about his holiday to Devon  (all made up). He did lots of research on the internet then wrote it on the computer. He did very well especially with the research.

He then wrapped all his presents. He did well with this and really enjoyed it.

We went to see his mum on the market and he enjoyed that.

A Stars
                                                                                                                          By Emma

A Stars English And Science

He wrapped all his presents. He needed help but he did really well and really enjoyed it. He didn’t go to the after school club because he wanted to get them finished.

He went to see his mum on the market stall and enjoyed seeing what was going on there. He wanted to stay and help but couldn’t. Maybe next time.
                                                                                                                         By  Emma

Today I had a stall at Market Harbour Market, I’m a Holistic Therapist and I try to do as much of this as I can because I love to help people. It’s very hard though trying to do everything, I don’t like leaving the boys, so I thought I would give the local market a go, this was very good as I’m not far from home and the boys could come and see me, even help out if they wanted to, however they both wanted to be at the front of the stall and there wasn’t enough room, so arguments started to happen and I had to tell them that they couldn’t stay Hopefully over time they’ll get used to it and be calmer.  We’re there every Friday now, for the time being,
                                        Saturday:                                                                                                                        Karate party,                                                                              By Bonnie (Mum)
We roped our next door neighbour (Warren) into putting up the outside Christmas lights! We gave him Sunday dinner so everything was fine! All 3 off us (myself and my boys) decorated the Christmas tree                                                                                                                                                                                                                  By Bonnie (Mum)