December 14th – 20th WK 14

                      14th – 20th December WK 14

A Stars English Language. Apparently Christmas re-wrote his letter about Devon as it needed more thought into it.

We haven’t done much at home today as I’m short staffed and we needed to get other things done.

A Stars for Biology then Scouts.

                                                                                                        By Bonnie (Mum)

Tobi did a little Maths and English on the site  ‘busythings’, he enjoyed this. Tobi had A Stars Maths, English Literacy, more English and then Gymbobs, they were having a Christmas party at Gymbobs so Tobi went in his showman onesie 🙂

                                                                                                    By Bonnie (mummy)

Caelum woke up and got ready straight away with no argument whatsoever so that was really good. He has been really helpful today. He rewrapped some presents that had somehow got ripped up. He did some computer work with maths on the ixl site. He did well but found it challenging. It was adding and subtracting whole numbers but at year 7 standard. It should of been easy for him but he wasn’t really working it in the columns and life difficult for himself a bit.

A Stars

Caelum helped A Stars set up for the Christmas party. They love him there and he enjoys helping out. Its doing him a lot of good.
                                                                                                                          By Emma

Tobi woke straight up this morning no problems and got ready and washed all by himself. He got his own breakfast and ate it nice and fast.He had his advent treat from the day before. He got a giant kinder egg but found it a bit much to eat all of it at once so put half in the fridge for later.

A Stars

He was quite hyper when I picked him up and pretty much jumped and hopped all the way home, and hasn’t stopped since. He had lunch then we went to see his mum on the market. He enjoys seeing what’s going there and jumping and dancing around. Still hyper. To much chocolate I think. He got some cards in his kinder egg. Some were puzzles and some were for the game pairs. He enjoyed doing all the puzzles and was good at them. We played a few games of pairs. To begin with he wasn’t so good but by the time we had played a couple of games he got the hang of it and was winning. We then started playing a game with the inside of the egg and was seeing who could throw it in the bin the most. I won but not by much as he was really good and I’m not so good. Actually I’m rubbish.
                                                                                                                         By  Emma


This week it’s been really manic with the build up to Christmas but the boys have done really well. They’ve not done much school work as such at home, though they have still been going to A Stars, but they’ve been helping everyone get ready for Christmas. They have helped in the shopping and have gotten their own presents for everyone rather than just leaving it to their mum to do that. They went and got their own Christmas tree and decorated it. It’s been really busy round here so they have been helping out wherever they can. Especially Caelum. He has taken on quite a bit of responsibility and it’s been really good for him.