30th Nov – 6th December WK 12

                      30th Nov – 6th December WK 12

A Stars English Language.

Science Homework:
Research Vitamin C
List 5 sources of food that contain Vit. C
Why is Vit C needed by the body?
How much Vit C is required daily?
What is the proper name for Vit. C?
Caelum did fantasticly on this, he did it all on his own with no help what so ever!  Lorraine, his Science tutor at A Stars was really impressed and wrote a very awarding comment on his work!
A Stars Science Biology. then Scouts.
                                                              By A Stars, Bonnie (Mum) & Noo-Noo’s

Tobi had a very busy day indeed today.

A Stars Maths, English Literacy, English, Gym Bobs and then A Stars Science

In-between all of this Tobi played Monopoly  with Uncle Joe throughout the day, this is very good for Maths. I promised Tobi he could finish the game tomorrow.

                                                                                  By Bonnie (Mum) and Uncle Joe 


Science, Maths and English homework from A Stars in folders

Science: Tobi labelled some body parts on a butterfly, squirrel and bat. He really did well and enjoyed it. He worked out most of the spellings himself as well. He also had to write how many legs each had.

Maths: Tobi joined up some numbers to the words. He did really well with this and did it nearly completely on his own.

English: Tobi completed a crossword on words for numbers. He did really, really well and only needed a tiny bit of help but pretty much just did this all himself. He seemed to enjoy it and I’m very impressed with him.

Tobi had to read a little paragraph on the circus then he had to answer some questions about it. He pretty much read this all himself and did really well. He needed a bit of help with the first question but after that he seemed to get the hang of it.  I was very impressed as about 3 months ago he struggled to write a small sentence, he struggled to write one word most of the time actually, but now he just answered 5 questions straight of with minimal help. Very pleased with how Tobi is progressing.

GB Gymnastics, then Karate

                                                                                                         By Bonnie (Mum) & Emma 


English home work:

Caelum practised some joined up writing today. He has a little trouble with his handwriting so this is hard for him but he did really well and really tried so I can’t ask for more than that. He never really had anybody correct his handwriting in the past so for the past year he has been almost relearning how to write, but as anybody who has gotten into a bad habit of doing something knows, this is easier said than done. He also wrote a sentence for each of his spellings to show he understands them properly. He did this all on his own and did really well.

Science home work:
Research the reactions of metals with acids eg.  Group I metals with Hydrochloric Acid
Group II metals with carbonates
Caelum did really well with this. He did it all on his own and really tried hard with it. He found the second part a bit more difficult as he couldn’t find any research on group 2 metals reacting with carbonates so he changed it to hydrochloric acid and did it on this instead.
Research types of energy in the home?
Can you describe how the energy is changing from one form to another? eg. electrical energy to light energy and heat energy?
Caelum did really well with this. He needed a little bit of a push to get going as he was getting tired by this time. He used cooker, radiator, microwave, phone and radio.
A Stars English Literature, Karate, then Youth Club

                                                                                                               By Emma


We went to the library to take some books back and get some new ones out. I had some problems with Caelum’s card so the boys pretty much did the finding of new books themselves. Tobi has one out about superheroes powers and Caelum has one about myths and legends and another about ancient Egypt.


Tobi did some work on the computer today. www.busythings.co.uk

Tobi really enjoyed this. He started by doing the 6-7 english phonics levels but this a bit to hard so I switched him over the 5-6 one and he did it fine.  He then did some maths on there but was finding the 5-6 to easy so I switched it over to the 6-7 and he got on much better.

He played monopoly again today with his Uncle Joe and he beat him! Tobi won!!!!! He had to read all the cards and work out his own money so this was really good for him.

After school club then Beavers                     By Emma & Bonnie (Mum)


Learn these spellings for Monday 7/12/15  displease, unnecessary, immoral, misunderstood, disagree, illegal, indiscreet, irresponsible, illogical, illegible.

I made flash cards for Caelum of these words and he out them up on his chest of draws as he usually does. He did a couple of tests and on the first one he only got the word unnecessary wrong. He did it again and got it right. I tested him on them all randomly through the day and he never got another one wrong. Maybe run through them again tomorrow but pretty sure he’s got them down.

Caelum had a bit of an upset just after lunch so we gave him a few minutes to get himself together again. He then played a word game on his tablet called ‘word up’. He is really good at this and was even helping me on it. He did find it challenging but I think that’s what he likes about it.

Caelum played a quiz game for kids as well and he did really well with this. I tried him on an adult one but he found that a bit to challenging so am going to try and find an in between one.

Caelum did a little bit of work on the computer. It was the https://uk.ixl.com/ela/year-7/identify-and-correct-errors-with-plural-and-possessive-nouns

He did really well but did make few mistakes so we need to work on this.

A Stars Maths and science/chemistry                                            By Emma


Tobi wanted to do an experiment today. He wanted to do the impossible egg challenge where you get a whole hard boiled egg in a milk bottle with out breaking it up. He boiled up the eggs and did enough for lunch as well. He then found all the stuff we needed to be able to do it. We then got Caelum so he could it to. We filmed the whole thing, Though we’re only putting the good videos up! However the first video is to big to upload so when we do it again we will split the video up. Here is the end of the experiment, I hope the link works, if not, sorry:


A Stars Science and Maths
                                                                               By Bonnie (Mum), Emma & Uncle Joe

Caelum took part in the experiment but unfortunately him and Tobi had a falling out so it didn’t all go well.

Caelum did some spellings. This time he only got one word wrong but it wasn’t unnecessary so that was good. It was indiscreet instead. He put it as being indiscrete. He did well though and I was pleased he’d gotten unnecessary right as this was one he had really struggled with.

A Stars English Language and maths                     By Emma


The boys did the impossible egg challenge. Tobi did most of the prep work but Caelum took part in the experiment to. They got 2 milk bottles and 2 hard boiled eggs. They then got lighters and lit some paper up. Then they dropped the paper in the bottles and put the eggs on really quick. The eggs went a little way in but then they stopped so we tried again. We then tried it with kitchen paper rather than just paper but that wasn’t much better. Tobi had to go to A Stars so we left it there. When Tobi got back we were able to get some matches so we tried it again with them. We put the matches in this time and again it worked a little but stopped. The book said to just do 2 matches but we tried it with more and it worked better. This time we got it to nearly halfway. We were in danger of running out of eggs and we had run out of ideas to make it work so we left it there. They got the idea so that was good but it was a shame we couldn’t do it all the way. We will maybe try again after some practice.
                                                                                              By Bonnie (Mum) & Emma

Today was a odd day, I didn’t have much energy so I kind of let the boys do their own thing, they still went to A Stars though so at least they did some work. Sometimes it’s very hard being a single mother (with a disability) managing personal assistants (carers) trying to run a business, home schooling, maintaining and trying to improve the bungalow  and hardly getting a break at all. so days like those are bound to come along!
                                                                                                       By  Bonnie (Mum)
Dad’s day                                                                               By Bonnie (Mum)

Today I had a bit more energy so I quizzed the boys on the latest Magic Tree House book we’ve been reading, it was on the Pilgrims, they both did really well and Noo-Noo’s and Granddad were very impressed with what they have learnt! We have actually read over 25 of these books and we have learnt tons and really enjoy them, including myself! We read them at bed time so I never remember to write it on here sorry! Throughout each book I stop the story at the important bits and I ask the boys to relay the important information to make sure they are listening! At the end of each book all 3 of us have discussions on the book we have just read and it’s so lovely 🙂

To my amazement I told the boys that if they did their homework they might get a bigger surprise in their advent calendars, it worked! Not only did they do their work without question but they asked if they had done enough work! Usually if I ask them to work on a Sunday they kick off big time! I might make a surprise calendar for the rest of the year!!!!!!!!
                                                                                                               By Bonnie (Mum)