Both boys History

This is just a rough outline of what they have looked through. Due to us discussing this through as a group the boys didn’t write it up to much. Caelum watches a couple of videos on the battle of Hastings but Tobi is still a bit to young for these. Tobi remade the battle on paper using a print out I found online. He then got dressed up and acted out a bit of it. He still remembers some of the facts so this obviously went in.

Battle of Hastings 1066

  • William the Conqueror
  • From Normandy
  • Promised the throne
  • Not given the throne
  • Comes to England
  • Waits in Hastings
  • Battle of Hastings happens 1066
  • William wins
  • Goes straight to London
  • Builds the first Tower of London to intimidate
  • Splits England up between himself and his barons
  • Barons split their land up between the knights to help them control the people

By Emma