April and May

We have been mega busy and haven’t had much time to update for a while so sorry. I will try to keep more on top of it but life keeps getting in the way, you know what it is like!!!

There has been a lot of changes recently the main one being that Tobi has been trying out school to see whether he wants to go permanently. That is still to be decided so we will let you know what happens with that. Caelum is still being home schooled though so we will keep this going.

We have had a few changes to the household as well so there has been lots to do.

We have been bowling a couple of times and have been to the cinema to see the new Jungle Book movie. It was really good and the boys really enjoyed it. Fully recommend going to see it.

The boys still go to tutors for English, maths and science. Caelum has started ICT at the tutors as well and so far is getting on really well.

Both of the boys have started learning Spanish. They go to a tutor for this. Both are really enjoying this but Caelum in particular is doing really well. It’s amazing what he has learnt already in just a few short weeks. Caelum wants to be a palaeontologist and one of the qualifications to get into uni for this is to have a second language  and he picked Spanish. Tobi wants to be a zoo keeper at the moment but we figured it couldn’t hurt for him to learn another language.

Caelum has done a couple of science experiments which he has enjoyed. He has learnt how to distil clean water from dirty using a few different methods, all natural. He has done really well with both of these. We have also done geography and history. We need to work on art but that one is still a little tricky to do at home so we are trying to work it out.

Caelum has just started the fossil record in geography. Because he wants to be a palaeontologist he has a real interest in this. He needs to learn humility though in learning and he needs to recognise he doesn’t know it all like he thinks. Things like the fossil record are always changing as we grow in our learning and understanding and as technology gets better so we have to be able to see that what we once thought is no longer accurate sometimes. He hasn’t got this yet but he will get there.

We are continuing with the history of Britain and getting on well with it. The aim is to get this done so we can move on to natural history which is also something he needs if he wants to be what he wants to be.

We are teaching the boys separately a bit more again and Caelum and Tobi seem to be benefiting from this. We have still done a lot of lessons together but because of the age difference a bit more one to one has gone down really well.

If you have been following this site for a while now you will know that we have had a few problems with Caelum’s behaviour and emotions. He is really improving though and getting on much better so that is good news. However Tobi has decided to make up for it. That is why he is trying out school.

I will try to update more and Bonnie will try as well. We may not be able to do daily updates at the moment but I will try to at least do a weekly update.

See you soon.

By Emma