About Us

Hi my name is Bonnie and I’m a single mum. I have two boys, Caelum (born 2003) and Tobi (born 2009). We live in the UK. I have Cerebral Palsy and use a wheelchair to get around. I home school my boys with the aid of my Personal Assistants (carers).

We are quite spontaneous, so be warned, it gets a bit wild sometimes.

The boys go to a tutors in town for their English, Maths and Science. Caelum also goes for IT. They both go to a tutor for Spanish lessons to. We do their homework and the rest of the subjects here at home. We like to do as much of the work in as fun a way as possible trying to avoid the whole sitting down at desk with books and paper, although sometimes this is unavoidable. If the work is about something we can go see then we try to do so. We find the boys enjoy this and take more in if they can actually see and experience things for themselves. For example we were looking at how water erodes the earth so we went to visit the Grand Canyon. I did say it gets wild!!

We enjoy spending time together as a family and have lots of fun as you will learn as you go through the site.